Blessed Sarnelli Community

Living Faith, Sharing Love, Being Hope

About Us

The Blessed Sarnelli Community is the evolution of a ministry founded by the Redemptorists (Roman Catholic priests and brothers) of the Baltimore Province. The mission of the Redemptorists is to reach out to people who are poor and abandoned. This mission is accomplished in a variety of ways throughout the world.

From 1996 until 2006, the Redemptorists operated the Sarnelli House, located on Diamond Street in Philadelphia. There, countless people who are poor, many of whom are homeless, entered the doors for prayer and hospitality. Serving the needs of our guests were numerous young adults - many resident volunteers and several nonresident volunteers. These same volunteers were also involved in street outreach, whereby food/drink, clothing is taken to our friends on the streets on a weekly basis.

Over the years, the residents have come from various parts of the US, areas of the Caribbean served by Redemptorist missions, Europe and Canada. Non residents have come from the greater Philadelphia area as well as high schools, colleges, universities, parishes throughout the country, primarily, on the east coast.

When the original Sarnelli House was closed, volunteers decided to form a nonprofit organization to continue the good work begun on Diamond Street – hence, the birth of the Blessed Sarnelli Community. The vision is the same: young adults reaching out to people who are poor, primarily through prayer, hospitality and service.

Much gratitude is extended to all who help with the mission. We are blessed with many people who are part of the community through prayer, presence and pennies.

Blessings to all~

Father Kevin Murray/Founder