Blessed Sarnelli Community

Living Faith, Sharing Love, Being Hope


We provide many opportunities to do works of service. 

We welcome individuals and groups to help out during our ministry times. Individuals are welcome to come any time (Just let the director know via email or text up to that day) and we ask groups to schedule in advance with the director via email so as to not be too crowded during the ministry. 

We welcome groups to spend a night or even a week with us to do service. Schedules are made on an individual basis. Please see our service weeks page for more information. 

We are always looking for young adults to serve with us for a longer period of time (usually 6-12 months) as a resident volunteer. If you are interested, please check the Resident Volunteer page for more details and an application. 

If you have other skills that you are willing to share with us such as marketing, construction experience, financial, fundraising, grantwriting, or anything else please get in touch with the director and we will gladly arrange something with you!